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List Price

$58.00 / FT.

GAP90W™ Kit

Product Features

  • UL Certified Solution for Fire doors with Excessive clearance between door and frame over 1/8", up to 5/16"
  • 90 minute rated UL Certified Miscellaneous Fire Door Accessory UL10B and UL10C wood or hollow metal fire doors
  • Requires installation of ALL components 9945, 9400, 5075CL
  • Certified for use on doors with Rim Exit Devices, refer to Installation Instructions
  • Doors with Parallel arm closers – use 9990
  • Available in 36", 48", 84" and 96" lengths
  • White finish


  • POSITIVE PRESSURE – CERTIFIED by UL to ANSI/UL10C, complies with IBC, NFPA 80 and NFPA 252 for application to Hollow Metal and Wood fire doors rated up to 90 minute with excessive door and frame clearances, measuring up to 5/16".